Laser Package

1. Super Magic Lifting

Cutting-edge Laser Technology and Botox session for the Ultimate Lift.

  • 3 sessions of Super Magic Lifting
  • 3 sessions of Premium Skincare
  • 1 Botox session (40 units)


2. Ultra Magic Toning

Achieve coveted, flawless skin with Oli’s personal choice. We know life may be busy and hectic at times, but your skin doesn’t need to reflect the daily stresses. Indulge in spotless, clear skin by focusing on evening and brightening skin tone, pigmentation, and overall complexion.

  • 10 sessions of Ultra Magic Toning
  • 7 sessions of Oli’s Care
  • 3 sessions of Premium Whitening Skincare


3. Super Magic Lifting & Ultra Whitening Combo

  • 3 sessions of Super Magic Lifting
  • 8 sessions of Ultra Magic Toning
  • 8 sessions of Premium Skincare


4. Revolutionizing Agnes Laser Technology

Leading Agnes Laser Technology specializes in targeting delicate eye areas by eliminating and preventing fine lines, wrinkles, and eyebags prevalent in damaged and damage-prone skin.

  • 3 sessions with Agnes Laser Tech
  • 2 sessions of Premium Skincare
  • 2 sessions of Special Lifting Care


5. Ultra Acne Treatment

Utilizing revolutionary Agnes Laser Technology to provide deep cleaning and treatment for all symptoms of acne. Regeneration Ampoule therapy care with Agnes Laser restores skin to its healthy condition.

  • 3 sessions with Agnes Laser Technology
  • 3 sessions of Special Acne Care
  • 3 sessions of F. Care
  • 3 sessions of Regeneration Ampoule Care


6. Venus Power Body S-Line Care

  • 12 sessions of Power Body Shape S-Line Care
  • 2 sessions of Fat-dissolving Injections


7. Micro Needle Treatment (MTS Therapy)

Regenerates collagen skin production utilizing micro-needling technique combined with stem cell ampoule treatment.

  • 1 session of MTS Therapy
  • 4 sessions of MTS Therapy


8. Melasma (Dark Spot) Treatment

Specialized treatment targeting stubborn dark spots lightening skin pigmentation and achieving supple, youthful glow.

  • 1 session of Melasma Treatment
  • 4 sessions of Melasma Treatment